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Detail for

Beta testers wanted: want to help test a web-based to-do list manager? see

General information

Technical details

Available space: 35 megabytes
Bandwidth: Unlimited megabytes per month
PHP scripting: Yes
mySQL: No
ASP+: No
Cold Fusion: No
MS-Access database: No
Java Environment: No
Java Server Pages: No
Python CGI: No
Zope: No
FTP upload: No
Email sending: No
Host O.S.:

Advertising info

Will advertising be put on your site? Popup
Can you have your own paid ads? No

User ratings

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Average rating:
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Host Description

t35 offers free PHP hosting, but mySQL is available only as a paid add-on. We tried to create an account but we got an Internal Server Error. Bandwidth seems good, but this site does not really look professional (and paid hosting options arent cheap indeed).
One good thing is that you have unlimited bandwidth (but no file can be bigger than 150k on the free version).

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User Comments

florinfony@yah... on 2005-02-02 from 81.242.99.x
After trying some hosts, t35 is the only I could really trust. They don't offer MySQL, but I think it would be possible to connect another database, like FreeSQL.Org.

limkimquang@yah... on 2004-05-26 from 141.153.173.x
Space is now unlimited... speed should be improved aswell.
florinfony@yah... on 2004-04-14 from 80.200.197.x
It's a great hosting and they let you do what you want.

thamaraj@gma... on 2004-02-10 from 217.43.10.x
They offer good hosting, but unless you want your users to experience super slow speeds...
grea host
TERKA12345@sez... on 2003-12-03 from 210.23.170.x
they suport php but they dont support management system contanet like php nuke
on 2003-10-12 from 67.167.220.x
seems alright, but it's awfully slow.
well it rocks!
dfsdfs@dfd... on 2002-04-26 from 168.187.120.x
they updated..chedck out now!
no php support...
aizamdaim@hot... on 2002-04-09 from 203.106.210.x
no php support... no banner.. yes ftp...
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