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Here you'll find the best free hosting resources available on the net. We also have a collection of useful developer resources and thriving user forums. And if you got a website of your own, don't miss the opportunity to exchange a link with us.

This page is dedicated to keeping track of free PHP and mySQL hosting providers on the net.

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Host Name Rating   PHP mySQL Space User rating Visits Yes Yes 20 308337
FreePGS Yes Yes 20 141442
Tripod Yes Yes 50 107828
Comunalia Yes Yes 71177 Yes Yes 25 79101
Clan GDR Yes Yes 200 163349
Boot Box Yes No 10 35743
ProperComfy Yes Yes 200 110198 Yes No 35 44844
Global Web Yes Yes 150 66630
pSend Yes No 12 13792
FateBack Yes No 60   23357 Yes Yes 80 54585 Yes Yes 10 41531
pSend Yes No 10 19980 Yes Yes 100 67107
freedom2surf Yes Yes 20 72911
Digicom FreePHP Yes Yes 4 70657
Xoasis Yes No 20   20521 Yes No 10   20446
IndyHosting Yes No ?   17668 Yes Yes ? 46725
Acid Mist Yes Yes 42692
Barry's World n/a Yes Yes 20 32846
Spaceports n/a Yes Yes Unlimited 129327
LunarPages n/a Yes No 50   19061
MCT Host n/a Yes Yes 25 19793
Digital Rice n/a Yes No 5   17496
Portland Communications n/a Yes Yes 15 60456
Saxen n/a Yes No 20172
HazarT Consult n/a Yes Yes 24471
CoolFreePages n/a Yes Yes 50 103871
WorldZone n/a Yes No 50   14655
ASPfreeServer n/a Yes No 100 62030
CoolFreeHosts n/a Yes Yes 30 82655

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